About Us

AGI Environmental System Corporation expertise covers consulting, manufacturing, engineering and design, operation and maintenance, and other cost-effective in-plant water, wastewater treatment services and air pollution equipment.

In addition, AGI offers “service and operational contracts” for water and wastewater treatment systems, and full assistance in securing environmental permits and clearances from concerned government agencies.

Corporate mission statement

AGI Environmental System Corporation mission is to provide the latest state-of- the-art environmental products and services, specifically on water and wastewater treatment, air pollution equipment, and waste minimization. Above all, as an environmental partner, we are committed to surpass our client’s goal for quality excellence and to fulfill our core responsibility in helping our nation achieve environmental sustainability.

Corporate vision statement

AGI Environmental System Corporation vision is to become the leading Philippine environmental partner in water and wastewater treatment, air pollution equipment and supplier for chemicals and biological products and services to public and private companies specializing in the fields of construction, real estate development, electronics, automotive and transportation, food and beverages, energy and power, and others.

Founder achievement

AGI Environmental System Corporation founder has worked with international companies in the Middle East and Asia Pacific as well as in local companies nationwide, providing comprehensive and cost-effective services in the areas of water and wastewater treatment, domestic sewage treatment, air pollution control and technical support for environmental regulatory compliance.

Listed below are the highlights of undertakings:

Established business partnerships with U.S. suppliers namely:

o Total Systems International

o Harrington

o L & B Technology

o Asia Engineering and Associates International

o Sybic Australia Pty. Ltd.

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